About Me 

My passion for photography started in the early 1980's as a kid when my dad gave me a Rollei 35mm film camera. Ever since I've always been carrying somekind of camera. My personnal life made me wander the world and travel alot, either in the squat/ravin scene of the 90's or more recently with techno artists and musicians on tour. Thus I've used my camera to document what came to my eyes. 

My Style

"It's all about shadows and lights"! when composing the shot I really do spend a lot of time considering how a subject reacts to light and how the lens captures that light. When I work in studio I give a very special attention to the lighting set-up and color temperature or beam textures .. I really do prefer to spend hours on a lighting set-up than hours in Lightroom!  I make almost no post processing to my pictures and tend to have them published "straight out of the camera" : raw from the instant they were taken. I do tend to shoot in black and white to focus on how the light interact with the subject even if the final shot will be in color! Still I have a passion for vintage camera lenses from the 1950's to the 80's, could be Leica, Nikkor or Carl Zeiss glass. I especially like how these  glass have a very unique carractere and how they add something to the picture. If you're interested you can check out the pages about my lens collection.

How to contact me 

I'm based in Paris France, and free to move worlwide. To contact me please use the form below. 

Thank you for visiting :-)

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