Tom reclaims a very raw and simplified aesthetic, images without any post production. Shadows and obscurity being of a very high importance to him.

He starts photography at a very young age, equipped with his Rollei35 camera he documents life around him and spends very long hours in the dark room revealing his pictures. When at the end of the 90's he starts travelling the world he very naturally shoots everythings around him, raves, squats, the alternative life of techno travellers and sound systems.
He will then work with musicians such as Vitalic, Jean Michel Jarre, Etienne de Crecy, Kompromat, Boys Noize, etc, and spends a lot of time on tour, travelling the world, taking pictures, either on stage, backstage, or in the audience : the life of an electronic musician on tour.

His work has been published in Europe, USA, japan, in magazines such as Brain Magazine, Vice, Manifesto XXI, Trax Magazine, Mixmag TimeOut, etc.

Alongside this period he also works as a director of photography for several music videos such as Birds on a Wire "O Solitude" or Dom La Nena "Oiseau Sauvage".

He is also passionate by very old vintage camera lens. You can visit the vintage lens collection  page to to learn more.


Based in Paris France and very often travelling.
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