Free Party a Folk History by Aaron Trinder

Some of my photographies of illegal raves and teknivals of the 90’s have been included in the documentary movie “Free Party a Folk History” directed by Aaron Trinder. Telling the story of how it all began, and how the beats spread accross Europe with sound systems and tekno travellers alikes Spiral Tribe, Bedlam, DiY, .. and how it changed music and culture forever.. 

visit director Aaron Trinder website here and check the trailer below.  

check out trailer here 

New DJ set online “Analog Drive Mix”

I’ve recently published a new DJ set online on my Soundcloud page. 

A travel back to the glorious ages of 90’s illegal raves, where there was no rules,
and a whole lot of drums. All tracks are rave classics including some anthem whch kicked the dancefloors of many warehouses. Vinyl only, full analog. 140BPM

included tracks from : underground resistance, dj hell, dave clarke, prodigy, emmanuel top, lenny dee, etc. 

Listen and/or download on Soundcloud :

Interview for VICE magazine

I’ve been interviewed by the famous magazine VICE for my photography serie ”the Life of Tekno Travellers” about late 90’s european raving scene and the community of sound system that travelled through Europe which I’ve documented. The article as been translated and published all around the world in different Vice’s editions worlwide.

read the interview here:

English version here

French (Francais)

Spanish (Espanol)

Italian (Italiano)

German (Deutch


DOP for musical video “O Solitude”

Today is released the musical video for ”O Solitude” by Birds On a Wire, directed by the talented Jeremiah, on which I work as director of photography. 

Working on this video was so challenging, because of the conditions of the set, everything was shoot underground, in Paris metropolitan, almost only with available light, and with alot of improvisation.
To reach this “vintage look”  that feels like issue from the 1960’s I chose to shoot with Nippon Kogaku lens set from 1968 to 1973. 

DOP for musical video for Dom La Nena

I’m very proud to have been chosen by talented director Jeremiah to work as director of photography for hist latest musical video “Oiseau Sauvage” for brazilian artist Dom La Nena. 
Working on this video was quite a challenge to achieve this very subtle and warm lighting, especially with all the texture surrounding Dom La Nena and the girls.
The shooting took place in mid 2018 but the video was released only in october 2019.
I’ve worked as DOP in collaboration with Robin Montreau, together we chose to shoot with ARRI Alexa Mini and a vintage set of LEICA-R cine-modified lenses from the 1970

Collaboration with Hans Lucas Studio

I’m very proud to announce that I’ve join the members of Hans Lucas Studio, a collective of photographers directed by Wilfrid Esteve. 

Some of my work will now be directly accessible via the Hans Lucas plateform HERMES for press editorialists and iconographs and directly for the AFP or Reuters  and press agencies and media via Pixpalace. 

You can visit my Hans Lucas page here:

Collaboration with Citizen records

I’ve long been collaborated with Citizen records as I’m often taking pictures of live stage performance of techno artist Vitalic or cold wave band Kompromat, both working with Citizen and Clivage. 
I’m now proud to announce I’ve been working on the record label new project “Karabine” for which I’ve taken photos. After a tight collaboration on the ambiance and the dark and shadowy aspect the artist wanted I’m very proud of this work. 

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